About. Who is your therapist?


I am a fully qualified Complementary Therapist with a focus on Reflexology. I discovered Complementary Therapies as a 16 year old Beauty Therapy student but at the time was too young to train. Many years later my life has turned me back towards the industry and I qualified with a VTCT Diploma in July 2016. My current professional membership is with the Guild of Holistic Therapists, a well established organisation who require their members to have nationally recognised qualifications and insurance.

Modern life is incredibly busy and stressful which leaves many of us without the time to take care of ourselves. I pride myself on helping my clients focus entirely on themselves whilst working with me; whether that is by providing a listening ear, offering well-being advice or simply encouraging the client to switch off from the outside world and enjoy being in the current moment.

It can be quite daunting receiving a treatment such as Reflexology when you aren’t fully sure of what to expect but I am always happy to talk through a treatment if required and enjoy seeing a client respond so positively at the end of their first session. With this in mind I have massage treatments available which introduce clients to Reflexology without committing to a full session. I can offer the benefits of Massage Therapy and Reflexology combined into one treatment and this is intended to work with the client and their needs.

Complementary Therapies target the mind as well as the body – if one is out of balance then the other will be affected. I am a firm believer in treating the mind and body together – clients can feel reassured knowing that they are being treated with not only their physical health, but their mental health and overall well-being is just as important.

I perform all treatments using only high quality waxes designed for use with Reflexology and Massage Therapy. They contain only naturally occurring ingredients so are suitable for sensitive or allergy prone skin (apart from nut allergies). In the event of a client having or being in contact with someone who has a nut allergy I use an alternative wax which contains beeswax and no nut oils. These highly moisturising waxes are solid at room temperature and melt into a liquid upon contact with body heat which can either be removed after treatment or left to absorb into the skin. I offer both unscented and scented waxes; please note that due to the presence of essential oils in the scented waxes it may not always be appropriate to use a wax of your choice but this will be discussed during your consultation.